15-06-2020: We inform all members that the repair work on flaws in the Club's pavement caused by the garbage removal work in recent months will begin this Thursday, the 18th, and is scheduled to last about 2 days.


We appreciate the understanding and collaboration of all in facilitating these works to the greatest extent


09-03-2020: floating garbage in the swamp continues at a good pace. The operation has been divided into two zones: the Nautical Club where it was already located from the beginning, and the dam area, where a large amount of waste is also accumulated.


The crusher spreads the work between these two zones and the football field of the old Hostal La Riba has been enabled to accumulate it and convert it into biomass.


ACA recommends that motor navigation through the Swamp not be practiced until the situation improves.


We leave you some recent videos of the works.


25-02-2020: Yesterday Tuesday in the dam area and with the help of a crane, a second support vessel for garbage collection was lowered to the Swamp.


A backhoe was also taken by road, which was placed at the edge of the water, and a clamp crane located next to the entrance of the ramp next to the crusher. The crane collects the trash left by the retro and deposits it in the crusher. The crushed material passes directly to a truck that takes it to an enclosure of the former Hostal La Riba to be converted into Biomass.


We leave you a collection of images and videos of the operation



23-02-2020: Tomorrow Monday is the arrival of a new boat to the swamp, with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of the collection of floating garbage.


According to ACA sources, this week's pilot test has shown little efficiency in the collection and a change of strategy has been chosen, which will consist of the dragging of garbage, with a technique similar to that used by two fishing vessels linked by a network. The operation will be complemented with the placement of garbage in a mobile crusher with the help of a crane-clamp. This crusher, owned by the Alameda-Torrent company, was taken yesterday at the Yacht Club's facilities from Cassà de la Selva with the purpose that the residues of plant origin originating from the crushing be used as Biomass, while the rest are taken to a recycling and waste treatment plant.


Despite of the operational reinforcement, the collection and transport work is expected to be extended for several months. From the Club we have offered the necessary facilities and logistics while the work lasts.


However, it is planned that the Sau Vell Restaurant remain open every day to facilitate the meals of the workers.

19-02-2020: Today the tasks of cleaning floating garbage begin with the help of the Pelícano boat, brought from Tarragona yesterday afternoon and placed in the swamp by a crane from the dam. The boat opens by the bow and pushes the garbage towards the shore where it is piled up, to later be transported in large trucks to a waste treatment company.

As already reported by the Technical Area of ​​the ACA, this first week will serve as a pilot test, being able to modify the operation with more or different resources as the collection progresses.


Club Nàutic will act as a base of operations, but garbage collection can be done in other places near the Club such as the Esplai area or La Riba beach.

Club Nàutic will provide the necessary logistics to workers in the coming weeks, so we ask all partners for understanding and maximum collaboration during the work.


12-02-2020: The Gloria storm last January was one of the worst in recent history in Catalonia due to its magnitude and the confluence of various adverse weather conditions (wind, rain, snow, waves ...) that caused significant damage to almost all the country, especially to the coast, the channels and adjacent zones of the rivers and the mouths of these rivers. 

Sau Reservoir area has been severely affected by thousands of logs and floating dirt, mainly washed away from the riverbed and the banks of the river Ter. Reservoir images speak for themselves. 


On the ramp and beach areas close to Club thousands of logs are piled up and all kinds of dirt, brought from the prevailing winds and the flow. 


About this, the CATALAN WATER AGENCY (ACA) has started a pilot project on a large scale of waste removal, both floating by vessels prepared for this purpose, and those deposited on the banks and shores of the reservoir by truck. In this sense and because of the characteristics and magnitude of the work we have been asked to use the Nautic Club as a base of operations, since nowhere in the rest of the Swamp are the logistics or the minimum conditions to carry out the service with security. 


As a Club strongly involved in the protection of the Environment and with the need to have a Pantà safe and suitable for water sports, we have offered to collaborate with the ACA as much as we can and within our possibilities through an Agreement, being aware of the hustle and bustle that will occur for a few weeks and receiving updated information on this website. We look forward to your understanding of the foreseeable drawbacks of such actions. 



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